Sprouts: Infancy Program

Our Sprout House is a space dedicated to our youngest children.  Our experienced caregivers understand that each child develops at his own pace and in her own way.  Parents and teachers collaborate to develop a transition plan when children are ready to move from the Infant Room to the Waddlers Class.


Infants: 6 weeks - 16 months (mobile)
A secure relationship with a dedicated caregiver helps a child develop trusting relationships with others throughout their life.  Each child has his/her own personality and preferences, and we take time to get to know each baby personally before assigning a primary caregiver. Once a teacher is identified as the caregiver for your child, she will tend to your baby’s needs throughout the day by following your child’s own rhythms. 
Our babies spend a limited amount of time in equipment that restricts their movements.  We believe that babies thrive when they are held during feedings and as much as possible.  Children also have plenty of uninterrupted play time when they are given a safe space to practice newly acquired skills.  Our knowledgeable and experienced caregivers provide an environment that is clean and safe in which infants can engage their senses as they begin to explore the world around them. 

Infants grow and change so quickly!  Our teachers observe each child daily in order to provide developmentally - appropriate activities and materials at each stage.  We take our cues from each child, and introduce new experiences that excite and inspire them.  Each day is different, but every day is filled with love and learning.


Waddlers: Mobile 16 months - young 2’s
Children in our Waddlers class show us a greater need for independence and creative exploration.  Our daily schedule allows for large blocks of unstructured time during which students may choose from a variety of hands-on activities.  Puzzles, manipulatives, and books are placed within easy reach.  Teachers encourage children to practice self-help skills, like washing hands and drinking from a cup.  Children experience a tremendous sense of accomplishment every time they show us they did something all by themselves!      

Our certified teachers provide a rich language experience in the Waddlers class.  Children read books daily, both one-on-one with a teacher and as part of a group.  Songs and finger plays expose children to new vocabulary and concepts.  Learning to wait and take turns forms an important part of the social experience in this classroom.  Caring teachers support children as they learn to contain big feelings and express them safely within the classroom community.  Block building, painting, and outdoor exploration give children an opportunity to express their creativity and begin to explore their growing understanding of the world around them.