Guiding Principles

Childhood is valued as an exciting time for exploration and growth.

Children are empowered to take risks and ask questions as they experiment with an array of developmentally appropriate materials and activities.

Children are inspired to become lifelong learners as their natural curiosity leads them to seek answers to their questions.

Children experience encouragement and acceptance as they grow into a deepening understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Children are active members of the classroom community, developing pro-social skills and forming positive relationships with peers and adults.

Children celebrate the diversity of our community by sharing songs, stories, and cooperative games that foster understanding and tolerance.

Children flourish in an environment that nurtures their development in all facets of life.

Our Programs

Find out more about each of our program offerings on the following program pages:

Sprouts: Infancy through Toddlerhood

Little Buds: Early Childhood

Blossoms: Older Preschoolers