Little Buds: Early Childhood

Children experience fun and friendship as they begin their first days of school.  Our Little Buds classes provide a gentle introduction to the rhythm of the school day.  Children’s interests guide the course of study, as certified teachers create an engaging learning environment.



Nursery: older 2’s - young 3’s
The Nursery class at Seedlings provides a gentle introduction to the rhythm of a traditional school day. Our play-based curriculum provides large blocks of unstructured time for children to explore various interest areas, including literature, blocks, art, music, and dramatic play. The social and emotional development of each child is encouraged through cooperative learning projects. Open-ended materials inspire creativity and collaboration as children explore the world around them.

Infants grow and change so quickly!  Our teachers observe each child daily in order to provide developmentally - appropriate activities and materials at each stage.  We take our cues from each child, and introduce new experiences that excite and inspire them.  Each day is different, but every day is filled with love and learning.


Preschool: older 3’s - young 4’s
An interactive curriculum brings learning to life for inquisitive minds in the Preschool class at Seedlings. Experienced certified teachers integrate skill development with our play-based instructional approach. Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests while being introduced to new concepts and experiences. Preschool students have a growing curiosity about the world around them. Seedlings offers a doorway to the global community as children learn about other cultures and traditions through stories, songs, and cooperative activities.