Seedlings is excited to present our 2016 Camp Program: Full STEAM Ahead! Each week, our camp theme will highlight aspects of our curriculum in the following areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. STEAM objectives are emerging as a great area of interest in early childhood education, and the teachers at Seedlings are eager to be among the first educators to bring these subjects to the heart of our program. Students in Nursery, Pre-K, and Blossoms will explore and investigate a range of themes this summer. We will discover our world from the inside out with subjects like “Bodies in Motion” and “Bend Down the Branches”. Our teachers strive to encourage open-ended exploration while also providing opportunities for more structured learning experiences.

Here are some of the topics our students will explore:

NOTE TO SELF What does music look like? How do instruments produce sound? Music appreciation and the features of sound are the focus this week.


WHO GLOWS THERE? Fireflies will lead the way as we study bioluminescence in insects and other creatures.

GARDEN HELPERS Do temperature changes affect insects’ behavior? What type of environment do insects prefer? We will study how bees, worms, and ladybugs help our garden grow.

HARVEST We will enjoy a true farm-to-table experience as we harvest some of the veggies from our very own garden.

CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL From family pets to zoo animals, every furry creature has something that makes it special. We will end the week by creating “My Wild Self”, a unique creature with furry features.

Full STEAM Ahead is open to current and incoming students only. A limited number of part-time and full-time spots are still available.